Not everybody has a palace-sized kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your kitchen according to your interest. You just need to use ‘Incredible Storage Ideas for Small Kitchen ‘. 

For those who have a small kitchen but great luxury in heart, every inch of your kitchen matters! So, you should utilize the whole kitchen space using incredible and clever storage ideas.

Here are some genius storage ideas for small kitchen

Pull Out Pantry: One of the easiest storage hacks of the kitchen is using Pull out pantry. It’s best for dry goods and spices in your kitchen. You can save space and get easy access to what you want.

Get a closet: There are probably a thousand essentials in your kitchen. Where do you put them? Well, get a wardrobe! You can store all your baking essentials there and get them whenever you are in need. 

Use the space above your window: When you have thousands of things to store in your kitchen, why waste any space! You can also use the area above your window. Make a cabinet up there to use some extra space. You can store some of the dry goods there.

Go ‘built-in’: Interior is the key to build a beautiful kitchen. Many important machines take over a massive space in your kitchen. So you can just go ‘built in’ with them. Thus appliances like the coffee maker, oven, Water purifier, etc., will be built with the interior. It saves spaces also makes the kitchen look bulk-free.

Go Verticle: There are spaces above your hand reach. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Store the essentials vertically above your head to use some extra space. In that case, don’t forget to get a ladder also.

Floating Shelves: If you think you have a bulk amount of tools and containers and are confused about where to put them. Then make some floating shelves where you get the space. It will offer you extra space for the things you need to store like glasses, mugs, plates, rarely used containers, etc.

Floating Shelves

Store Pans Sideways: Pans and pots are the main reason why our kitchen gets noisy and dirty, and all messed up in a short time. No matter how hard you try to decorate them, they just don’t fit in. SO you can store them sideways. Thus you can save space and also your kitchen won’t get messed.

ideas to keep the kitchen looking smooth

Hang Cutting Boards: Hang cutting board and other cooking tools above the stove so that you won’t have to roam around your kitchen to find the essentials unnecessarily. Hanging cutting board will save time and well as energy.

Hang Mugs: Why wasting some extra spaces when you can just hang things and make them look more alluring? So make sure your mugs are hanging underneath or beside or around the floating shelves.

Hang Plate racks: Just like the mugs, you can hang racks to store plates safely. Storing dishes in a hanging rack gives a polished vibe to your kitchen as well as saves spaces.

Magnetic Knife Bar: This may sound a little absurd but guess what? It works! Nothing offers you more than science. Using the concept of magnetism, you can just hang the knives in a knife bar. There’s no extra hassle to sort them. Just put them where you want to; the magnetic bar does the rest.

Magnetic Knife Bar

Utilize the doors: From cabinet doors to closet doors, even you can utilize your kitchen door. You can hang whatever you want, even can make them the perfect places for spices or other essentials using plastic bags. You can also hang the utensils up there. It’s so genius how a door can save your space! 

Rolling cart: No matter how organized you are, you will need to roam around your kitchen to get what you want. Well, in that case, you can use a rolling cart. Just put the things you need to cook or bake. Were you searching for something? Voila!

Use Versatile Storage Bins: Organizing gets much easier when you use versatile Storage Bins to store goods, spices, and other essentials. These bags keep them separated from one another. You will find anything you need with ease.

Swing Tools to avoid Clumsiness: You can use small swing tools to avoid clumsiness. The best part of this is you can hide them after using them. So, the place won’t look uncoordinated. Again when you need to store something, you can just allow them to store.

Unnoticed Spaces: You will be surprised by the fact that how much space gets wasted being unnoticed. Notice and find out those spaces to decorate your small kitchen with elegance. You can use those spaces for hanging utensils.

Clip-on Basket for Storing Spices: So what if you don’t have the most extensive kitchen you wanted. Make the most use of your small one. Use a clip-on basket for storing fruits, spices, vegetables, etc. 

Keep Counter Tops Clear: Your countertops must be clear to get some extra space and a decorated kitchen. That surface is not for storing anything. Instead of storing in the countertops, you can use hanging racks to keep things away from the usable surface.

few more quick tips to make your small kitchen look better

Dish Dryer rack: To free up some space on the countertop and save it from getting wet, you can use a dish drying rack that fits perfectly on your sink. 

Dish Dryer rack

Make a space to keep sponges: Again, you don’t want your sink or countertops to get messy. That’s why you get sponge storage to store your sponge beside the sink.

Contain Everything: It’s essential to contain everything in a glass and transparent container to make your job easier. You can save a lot of time just by containing all your items. 

Don’t forget to Label everything: If you think only containing does half for you, you’re mistaken. Label everything! 

To Sum Up –

If you can’t effort luxury, build yourself. Instead of daydreaming, just use your instincts to bring out the clever storage ideas. No matter how many ideas we provide you, it’s always you who should better know to organize your kitchen. So, hurry up! Build your kitchen with ‘Incredible storage ideas’. 

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