How to arrange appliances in a small kitchen is entirely up to you. If you realize your small kitchen is a problem, come up with some creative and fantastic rearranging ideas to transform it into the ideal cooking space.

You can’t call it a kitchen unless it has appliances. All you have to do is arrange the appliances properly in a small kitchen so that it doesn’t get messy and you can get what you need quickly.

In this article, we’ll learn how to turn a small kitchen into a fully functional kitchen by utilizing various ideas and hiding unnecessary and rarely used appliances. 

How to arrange appliances in a small kitchen, what to include and what to keep out

You plan something before you do it, and then you execute it. First, include the appliances necessary for a kitchen to function properly, such as an oven, sink, cooker, refrigerator, etc. Remove unnecessary items to declutter your kitchen immediately, as appliances take up a lot of space.

To create more space in your tiny kitchen, follow the steps below:

1. Heavy appliances that you are not using daily should be removed or relocated to storage areas.

2. To save space, try removing a larger dishwasher with a half-sized dishwasher or a small sink.

3. Purchase a refrigerator and oven that are suitable for your tiny kitchen.

4. Be specific in your utensil selection, and keep only as many pots as you need, removing the rest.

5. For a smart kitchen, a small cutting board and sink bowl are sufficient.

Triangle concept for large appliances 

Whether you have a small or a large kitchen, the traditional concept works for both. When large appliances such as a refrigerator, sink, and oven are arranged in a triangle, they assist one another and make access easier.

The triangle can be adjusted to fit your kitchen’s dimensions. The sink is adjacent to the refrigerator, while the oven is separate but adjacent to the two. As a result, you can easily prepare, clean, and store food using this triangle technique.

Necessary Appliances for small kitchen counter

The counter is an essential part of the kitchen. You should choose your appliances carefully to maintain the balance between unique and functional sounds. There should always be enough space on it so that you can easily move appliances from one location to another when needed.

The appliances required for a small kitchen counter are listed below

Microwave oven

Microwave ovens are critical kitchen appliances that must be available in every kitchen and take up a lot of counter space. As a result, it is preferable to add it to the wall above the counter rather than on it. In the galley kitchen, where there is just counter room, the microwave oven stands exactly like this.

Kitchen chopping board

Chopping/cutting boards are essential in any kitchen, smaller or larger since food preparation is impossible without them. The chopping board should however be fairly large, given the limited counter space in a small kitchen. It enables you to sit comfortably anywhere in the house when cutting fruits and vegetables.

Put out drawer

The pull-out cabinet should store small equipment such as juicing machines, coffee-makers, and blenders. This frees up space for other things and ensures that it is readily available when needed.

Expandable cookware organizer

An expendable cookware organizer is an ideal appliance for gathering pans, pots, plates, baking sheets, and lids. It has stored in other locations and saving space on a small kitchen counter. You can make it more functional by adding more wires.

6-piece fashionable organizer buffet caddy set

A 6-piece stylish buffet caddy set, like other gadget organizers, is another organizer where you can collect and store 6-plates, spoons, forks, knives, and napkins in one place on the countertop and these organizers are ideal appliances, especially for a small kitchen.

The appliance garage, how to arrange appliances in a small kitchen

Garage at the counter

Small appliances such as a juicer, blender, coffee maker, and toaster oven can be stored on the counter. It appears to be a small door, but there is enough space inside to store various small appliances for daily use.

The Back Wall of Countertop

There are essentials and wall décor on the back of a kitchen counter. Hanging racks, shelves, and hooks can be used for this purpose, making the back wall of the counter look beautiful and making some of the small appliances and gadgets you use daily, such as can openers, spatulas, spoons, and knives, visible and ready for use.

Kitchen appliances storage cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are a useful and important part of any kitchen that plays a vital role in concealing both useless and heavy items. They are countertop or appliance designed, above the kitchen to suit various features.

These concepts describe the appliance storage locations in the kitchen

Add a riser to cabinets

When this riser makes use of the space in your cabinet, you can place plates, cups, bowls, glasses, dishes, and other items on both the top and bottom of the riser in any cabinet.

Add filling organizer to cabinet

In the middle of the cabinets, the fillers organizer keeps the heavy plate and additional cutting boards arranged regularly.

Cabinet doors

The interior cabinet doors can store various items such as bottle openers, grocery bags, keys, and scissors; carrier baskets and hooks are suitable for such storage inside the cabinet doors.

Transparent containers for spices 

Every cooking method in the kitchen generally requires the use of spices that must be available at all times. Since it is often difficult to hold these spices on a small kitchen counter, the best option is to place them in transparent containers and store them in one of the cabinets just above the range.

You will keep these spices separate, so their identity and quantity is always visible.

How to organize heavy appliances in a small kitchen

Heavy appliances storage 

Heavy appliances are stand mixers, cast iron skillets, pressure cookers, choppers, and ovens. These will store safely in lower cabinets for later use. This way, you won’t accidentally pull them out at any time, and you’ll prevent any harm caused by their heavyweight.

Use baskets for extra appliances storage

Because of the limited space in the kitchen, you can store various items in medium or large baskets on top of the cabinets. You can store any additional boxes, for example, extra jars, bottles, and containers.

Concluding words

Remodeling and organizing a small kitchen is a difficult task that requires careful preparation and imagination. We’ve shared some new ideas about arranging appliances in a small kitchen with you, and we always keep an eye on creativity.

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