Wait, are you sad because you don’t have a huge space in your kitchen? Don’t get upset! Most people, especially the enthusiastic cooking ones, want a large kitchen. But very few people can afford this luxury. That doesn’t mean you can’t turn your luxury into reality! If you can’t build a large kitchen, then make it feel larger. With the little help of science and using common sense, you can make a small kitchen look bigger. Here are 16 amazing ideas to make your small kitchen look larger –

Play with colors and patterns to make a small kitchen look bigger

Go for an All White Scheme

Go for an All White Scheme

Nothing can make your kitchen look bigger than using some white. Paint your kitchen all white to visually enhance the space. 

Also, painting your kitchen will not cost; it will give you a brand new grand vibe as well. It’s a simple ophthalmic solution to your problem. Just GO FOR WHITE.

Paint it with bright or soothing colors

To make your small kitchen look bigger, you can paint different bright or soothing colors. Please don’t go for the dark-shaded ones because it will make the kitchen look darker and smaller. Create your preferable color palette. If you want something bright, then you can always go for yellow. Want a soothing vibe? Go for light pink or light green. The sky color will also complement your kitchen nicely.

Use the geometrical pattern on the wall and floor 

Geometrical patterns create an illusion to your eye, and so, the kitchen space seems larger. You can use the geometrical-shaped design on your wall too. Also, make sure to use light colors.

Use Glasses as Cabinet Doors

Use Glasses as Cabinet Doors

If you don’t want to keep your cabinet open, then try a glass or transparent door. It will help a lot to make everything seem bigger than it is. 

The advantage of these glass doors is you can see the inside of your cabinets and shelves, and so, apparently, it seems larger. 

Lights and Reflections can help a lot

Light up your kitchen smartly

Light up your kitchen smartly

Remember one important key fact- ‘ The brighter the kitchen, the bigger it looks. ‘ No matter what you do, use lights in forgotten and dark places in your kitchen.

 You can use some extra lights hanging from the ceiling. Use small lights in the cabinets. Thus there won’t be a place left in the dark, and the place will look much bigger.

Use transparent elements

Using transparent elements in the kitchen may help the kitchen look much bigger than usual. For example, make sure to use glass-made or transparent plastic containers all over the kitchen.

Choose reflective surfaces

Your kitchen has so many surfaces. You can use reflective materials to build them. If they are shiny and reflective, then the kitchen will look bigger and brighter. 

Let the sun kiss you

Let the sun kiss you

You can always use some extra sunshine. Allow the sunlight to enter your kitchen. The brighter it gets, the less cozy it will seem. 

So, keep the windows simple and free from curtains. If you use curtains, make sure to use light colors. It is important to allow the natural light to enlighten up your kitchen to look bigger.

Try open shelves and storage

Believe it or not, shelves, cabinets, and storages without doors are a key to make your kitchen look bigger. It will visually help to open up some space.

Built-in options can help make a small kitchen look bigger

Use built-in appliances

Use built-in appliances

Appliances that we use take a lot of space. Imagine you have a tiny kitchen, and you have to fit an oven, coffee maker, toaster, etc. The kitchen will look congested and cluttery. Using built-in appliances, you can save a lot of work surfaces that you need to cook or bake.

Opt for built-in wall storage space

Nothing can save your space like built-in wall storage. The hassle of having so many shelves and cabinets in the kitchen is nothing new. But what to do when you have a bulk amount of appliances and baking essentials!

Get minimalistic built-in storage to add some extra space in your kitchen. 

Hang utensils rather than storing 

Utensils take up a lot of area in your kitchen. Even they have a superpower to make your kitchen look messier than ever. Just hang the utensils above the stove to avoid extra hassle.

Few more ideas to make a small kitchen look bigger

Use slimmer cabinets

You must need cabinets to put essentials as well as kitchen decoratives. But a small kitchen filled with large cabinets might make your kitchen space seem small.

So, build and use slimmer cabinets to save space and make your kitchen look larger than usual.

Take your eye to the ceiling

Give your eye a vertical ride to the ceiling of your kitchen. Let your cabinet touch the ceiling, and your shelves embellish just down the ceiling with essentials and decoratives. 

Thus, spread the decoration vertically and help your kitchen to look bigger.

Opt for a single sink

Embrace the minimalism and simplistic beauty of a single sink. Most of the time, using a double sink is a waste of space. You feel like you need it, but in reality, you don’t. 

Use a shiny, simple single sink to free up some spaces.

Knockdown a wall

Dear, knock down any wall that makes your kitchen look smaller. Connect it to your dining space or outdoor if you have a scope.

To sum up

You don’t need a Mansion-sized kitchen to fulfill your urge. You need some creativity and instincts to get what you want. We provided you 16 amazing ideas to make your kitchen look larger. But the thing is, you won’t even need to do all of them to expand your kitchen visually. 

Nobody knows your kitchen better than you. So, don’t waste any time and mix up a little from the above ideas. And voila! You are going to get the fairytale kitchen you always wanted! 

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